One year ago today, one of the funniest calls in the history of sports radio occurred.

The Michael Kay Show, a New York Sports based radio show, gets a call from a listener from North Carolina who was PISSED about the radio show’s new(ish) radio show host, Peter Rosenberg and needed to let him know “You’re the worst, sloppiest announcer I’ve ever seen in my life!

Legitimately just a really angry southerner going NUTS on a radio show host… because they’re “arrogant, and ugly, and (…) can’t understand anything!

This all started because Peter Rosenberg ate ice cream on TV and evidently Ray from North Carolina just lost his mind over it.

Imagine being so angry about a man eating ice cream on TV that you feel the need to call in and flip out so passionately and calling for him to be fired… And vehemently not let it go – FOR EIGHT MINUTES!!

Honestly, just listen to it… It sincerely is one of the funniest radio calls you’ll ever hear. Amazing.

Ray, I hope you’re reading this. You’re a maniac and I think about you more than you could ever imagine.



Peter Sucks That’s What I’m Sayin’,