As we now have less than 48 hours to the inaugural Water Cooler Sports Open, it seems only fair that the fans be updated on how the field is looking… at least from an injury perspective.

Without breaking too many HIPAA laws, let’s get to it.

  • Alex Constantino (Blister) – Probable
  • Matthew Opremcak (Blister) – Probable
  • Slick Willy¬†(Torn ACL) – Questionable
  • Tim Taylor (presumably hungover) – Probable
  • Miller (HIV) – Out
  • Kevin Hassett (Knee) – Out

And that my friends, is a perfectly sculpted Injury Report if I do say so myself…

But let’s talk about #BlisterSZN, am I right?!

The inside scoop is that those developed during separate rigorous training sessions this past week. Without callousing those hands up beforehand, Constantino & Opremcak may have cost their teams a shot at the title with these freshly injured paws.

As far as none-hand related injuries… Hassett (Knee) and Miller (HIV) were never really expected to be playing, but it’s always better to report injuries than not and cover them up and create a HUGE scandal.

Tayls showing up on this may be the first ever¬†expected injury to ever show up on an Injury Report. Sure, right now at this exact moment in the middle of the day he’s perfectly fine and healthy. But Saturday morning? All bets will be off. We don’t know how many beers he’s going to crush Friday night… It’s just a really solid assumption of his Saturday morning status.

And lastly, Slick Willy tore his ACL literally over a year ago riding a skateboard (I think)… But presumably he’s already banged it up again, so we’ll just pencil him in as Questionable… It just seems like the heady thing to do.

So that’s about it. The rest of the field looks strong and healthy, ready to take down those 18 holes at Preakness Valley Golf Course on Saturday.



Injury Reported,