This week isn’t going to kick itself off… Let’s do this thing!

First, shout-out to Kennedy from Western Michigan for this Merica Monday photo… Glorious. Just chicks & Ol’ Glory. Nothing better. By the way, Kennedy is an absolute MUST follow on Instagram at kennedyfrazer. Great stuff, she’s beautiful and well… She loves America. Don’t we all!

Now, I was inspired yesterday by the dude who sang God Bless America at the Yankees-Mariners game (for those of you keeping score at home, 1st series win since June 11, go Yanks go)… I don’t know why but Poppa Tayls and I were watching, and despite him CLEARLY not being the Boss, we each said he sounded like Bruce Springsteen. They had that same beautiful twang in his voice.

Now, for those of you who may or may not know, Bruce is kinda a commi. But, as Americans, we accept all shapes, colors, ideologies, etc and have the freedom of speech to let some of those people know when they’re being retarded. Bruce sometimes can be retarded, but he does have the voice of an angel.

So let’s do this thing and kick Monday off as American as can be. Hand over those hearts people!

Okay, that was weird as shit. We need to get back to just singing the National Anthem and maybe no more commi’s. Next week needs to get more traditional America – Rock, Flag & Eagle.

rock flag and eagle.gif

Merica. Love it or Leave it.



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