Let’s rewind to the summer of 2009. It was my second year lifeguarding in Barnegat Light… Old school Four Loko’s were all the rage and I was using SuperPump 250 combined with T-Bomb II’s to sculpt myself into what should have been a very ineligible Division II “athlete” (it’s in quotes because I was a swimmer, LOLZ).

ANYWHO! That summer also was the start of something I now consider a “can’t miss” event every summer – the Barnegat Light Ocean Mile Swim.

The gentleman who started it all, my life-guarding partner, mentor and role model John Schulze, built this event from the ground up Рand to say the product you see today is impressive, would be the understatement of the century. Almost 300 swimmers travel from all over to come to an event that we once started by posting up fliers on buildings all over Long Beach Island.

He turned this event into the one event I come back for year-after-year, and I am incredibly proud to know he is responsible for it all.

So this Saturday marks the NINTH year that the swim will go down and honestly, it is absolutely wild. Here are a couple hype videos to get the blood flowing before my big announcement.

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce to the world that, as much as I will struggle and potentially die, I, Taylor, will be making my return to the competitive swimming world – though there will be nothing competitive about my effort, let’s make that clear. Finishing alive will be the real win.

Anyways, nothing like a little “Baptism by Fire” making my body swim an entire mile in the ocean for the first athletic thing since I’ve done since playing basketball about a month ago (spoiler alert, I was exhausted before the 3 vs 3 game got above a 1-1 score).

Listen, this site is all about content and sometimes you need to stir some up yourself. I am going to show the world how absolutely terrible an idea it will be when I attempt to make my body do something it truly shouldn’t be able to.

The comeback starts today – five days of preparation should be fine.



Mile Swim SZN,