The entire promotion and lead-up to July 22’s inaugural Water Cooler Sports Open was “A Tradition Like Every Other.” But that sincerely could not have been more wrong… No shot other tournaments have the fun we just did and I am beyond stoked to be able to say we pulled it all off.

It was very close to a damn near perfect day – with the exception of the course having stricter rules than we were hoping (they didn’t let me give every foursome a 30 of Natty… the nerve!).

Guys from all over, from Buffalo, to Boston, to Baltimore and everywhere in between (kinda)… Absolutely amazing!

Let’s meet the men who did all the hard work yesterday, leaving it all on the course.

Chin Champions Jack Jan Dylan

The first foursome of Jack Paeglow, Brendan Chin, Jan Kelly & Dylan Carroll… Ending up golfing the absolute lights out honestly. And one HELL of a foursome. Brendan Chin won the “Closest to the Pin” prize on Hole #6 (a Pee Time Tee Time putting bath mat, courtesy of Mike Dinapoli #Thanks #LoveYou)… More good things to come on these guys later.

Corc Thorne Barlow Connor Mitch

Checking in here we got Mahoney, Thorne, Barlow & Mitch… I had them pegged for a Top 3 team in the tourney heading and and they sure as hell played like it. Only 1 stroke off from the best score of the day. Also seen here, Corc (kneeling front) rooting for these guys all day trying to coach them up to his championship caliber.

Couples Golf Outing

Saturday’s may be for the boys, but Liz, Michael, Jackie & Fun Jeff (the genius behind SAFSIMEWTDCTAAGTBAART) made this Saturday for the Couples. S’cute. I can’t even with these guys. If you were watching along on Facebook Live, Jeff had a GREAT Hole #13¬†and then stole my cart.

Howey Jack Matty O Constantino

Howey, Constantino, Fletch & Matty O. What a stud foursome. I’d swipe right on all of them… Another expected Top 3 foursome that did NOT disappoint. Longest Ball Champion (Matty O) AND ended up tied for first place after 18. Dare I say Constantino popped the bubbly a LITTLE too early.

Constantino Bubbly

Again, more on them later.

KDRFC Tommy Ryan Andy Ragu Slick Willy

KDRFC getting some representation here with the rugby boys from Le Moyne College. From left – Slick Willy, Johnny Pasta Sauce, Tommy Ryan and Andy Coyle. Ragu ended up taking home the Best Dressed Award for his 100% seersucker outfit. AMAZING. Full pants, long sleeve shirt and jacket on a 90 degree humid day on the course. Commitment wins with me every time… He earned it.

Lambe Cam Joe Ed Matt

Taylor checking in taking pics with the boys on the $11,689 Cash Hole #13. From left, Matt Krumm, Erik Lambe, Taylor, Ed Kohout, and Cam Montour. Had to have been one of the most comedic foursomes on the course. Electric.

Owen Gordie Pat Tim

The hometown hero’s Pat Miczak, Owen Parr, Tim Perrota and Gordie Miczak defended their turf BIG TIME. We knew coming in they’d likely be our top team and they backed it up… They ended up (-9), a score that landed them in a threeway tie for the lead – where we had to settle it like gentlemen. To be continued below…

Tim Cregan CJ Dave Luigi

These freaking guys. Twisted Teas should’ve sponsored this foursome… Dave Eucker, Marty Quinn, Producer Tim and CJ “Wild Card” Carey. They golfed what I would describe as a perfect round of golf though their scores maybe didn’t reflect it. One of my favorite moments from these guys was when I heard Marty was sliding into the cart girl’s Venmo DM’s. Didn’t even know that was a thing honestly… Amazing.

By the way, a lost video that I found on my phone later of a Marty Quinn drive. Smoothest thing you’ll ever see…

If you had the privilege to watch along Saturday, I hope you enjoyed the product the boys put out there on the field. And while the golf was great and the times had were fun, we did end up raising $884.36 for Movember… An absolutely unbelievable number. I am very proud of everyone for making that happen. Let’s goooo! FUCK CANCER!!!!

Movember Check Water Cooler Sports Open

Now, as I had mentioned earlier, we had four teams come out with some GREAT scores.

Team Chin (-9)
Team Miczak (-9)
Team Howey (-9)
Team Heligas (-8)

That’s right. After 18 holes of Captain & Crew style play, we had four teams within a stroke of each other. Now, we needed to settle this once and for all because ties are for psychopaths… There will be no shared championships in Water Cooler Sports’ world!!

I personally suggested a high stakes “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game to settle it but cooler heads prevailed (people who actually golf and aren’t morons like me) and we took to the putting green to break this tie.

Tim Perrota, Alex Constantino and Brendan Chin all putted as representatives for their teams. Closest to the hole won (it was roughly a 30 foot putt). All great putts, but only one would get them the cup…

Next thing you know, Chin is hoisting that cup over his head. His eyes were just clearly saying “this is the greatest moment of my life” – and who could blame him?


Champions Water Cooler Sports Open

It was truly a fairy-tale ending to a fantastic day of golf. Well done everyone! The whiskey gingers I drank out of the cup later (who shout-out to the trophy company here didn’t leak) were the best of my life.

For me, not even a golfer – it really was fun to watch, I am truly #humbled and feel #blessed I had these 36 people come out to play in this tournament. I really do appreciate it.

Also, this day could not have gone on without the help. Lindsey & Chelsea, doing big things as the Hole in One insurance (still lolz that’s even a thing) needed witnesses on the off chance someone hit it big… Not sure if anyone came close really.

Cash Prize Sign Water Cooler Sports

We had @CPAJack gambling all day raising money for Movember (btw, betting everyone $5 if they hit the green, he ended up making¬†Movember $80… you do the math. Crushed it).

Uncle Glen getting almost all the teams photos was HUGE. I am not a great “documenter” of stuff like that once the show is going on, but he stepped up HUGE there. Big thanks to him for coming out.

Thanks to T3 Construction for delivering the raffle tickets that ended up raising another almost $200 as we raffled off a Calloway Golf Bag, courtesy of Mike Dinapoli (who is a recurring donater here… absolute GOAT)… Slick Willy ended up taking home the golf bag btw and I am so proud of him!

Thanks to Marty at the golf course for his help; Janet at In the Drink; the entire Preakness Valley course staff for putting up with us, and of course… Shana. Shana, the beer cart girl who everyone fell in love with (see earlier Venmo DM’s comment). I really hope they had as much fun as we did – they did a great job hosting us savages.

Shana Mitch Thorne Barlow Corc Connor

If I (and I know I did) missed anything, I’ll surely be following up later this week.

Amazing job everyone… and also, great job me.



When the First Time is That Good – There Will Be a Second,