Before yesterday’s win over the Mariners, it had been 44 days since the Yankees last beat a team in a series… It was 44 days that Yankees fans had to watch their team struggle through injuries, bad luck, whatever… 44 DAYS!!

So I wanted to look back and see exactly what things have changed since then… It’s pretty damn shocking honestly.

June 11th was the last day the the Yanks won a series. It was against the Orioles and they swept Baltimore in an absolutely dominating fashion. Slick Willy and I were actually at the game, Chad Green had a 50-pitch limit and they basically ran a “pitching by committee” game that worked out great for them.

Anywho, myself and all Yankees fans were high as kites believing our team with the 2nd best record in the league was going to be legit this year… And that started the 44 days…

June 11, the Penguins beat Nashville for the Stanley Cup. This was on the night of the last Yankees series win. HOCKEY was still going on. Pretty unbelievable.

June 12, the Warriors beat the Cavaliers. YUP! The last time the Yankees had won a series, Lebron was a defending champion. It puts in perspective how fast things change because now the Cavaliers seem prepared to trade Kyrie as Cleveland now seems like a franchise in utter despair.

June 12 through July 15. If you are a Mets fan, look away… If you hate the Mets and laugh at their misery, grab the Jergen’s… From June 12 to July 15, here is a list of the Mets players to be listed on their injury report…

  • Cespedes on June 12, DTD with a heel injury;
  • Cabrera on June 13, 10-Day DL with a sprained left thumb;
  • Josh Smoker on June 14, 10 Day DL with a strained left shoulder;
  • Neil Walker on June 15, 10-Day DL with a partial tear of his hamstring;
  • Matt Harvey on June 15 also, 10-Day DL stress injury to his right scapula;
  • Juan Lageres on June 16th, 10-Day DL with a fractured thumb;
  • Wheeler on June 20th, 10-Day DL with bicep tendinitis;
  • Gsellman on June 28th, 10-Day DL with a strained hamstring;
  • Conforto on June 28th also, 10-Day DL with a bruised left hand;
  • Brandon Nimmo on July 8, 10-Day DL with a partially collapsed lung;
  • Worth noting all the while Syndergaard was on the DL from early in the season
  • And lastly, Cespedes (again) on July 15, DTD with a hip injury.

Seriously, I know watching the Yankees suck over that time was rough… But at least the Yanks aren’t getting mowed down with injuries like the guys in Queens… Holy cow.

June 14, the McGregor-Mayweather fight officially was set and is happening. It had been what felt like years in the making, but finally on June 14, we got the official word. Also, since then these two have been all over the news making absolute assholes of each other and themselves.

June 20, the Lakers trade the Nets D’Angelo Russell & Timofey Mozgov for Brook Lopez. Wild trade. The Lakers seem to just be getting that money off their books in a rebuild year. Lonzo is going to need to step up if he is going to fulfill his dad’s promise of LA making the playoffs.

June 22, the NBA Draft went down. Jimmy Butler got traded to Minnesota. The NBA offseason started to really get wild.

June 28, Phil Jackson gets fired. THANK. GOD. Rumors before that were that he was trying to trade Porzingis, a move that may have killed the Knicks fan in me. Again – going to say it again: THANK. GOD.

June 30, Paul George got traded to the Thunder. To me, this trade feels like it happened about 3 months ago… Wild.

July 1, Clint Frazier gets the call up from Triple-A and I swear to you immediately became my favorite player. He’s batting .295 with 3 home runs and really just has his motor set at 200 mph all the time. One of my absolute favorite players by far.

July 10, Aaron Judge backed up all the hype and won the Home Run Derby. Even if the team wasn’t winning, at least he was crushing the ball and making Yankees fans (kinda) forget the state of their team.

July 16, Game of Throne Season 7 premiered. Now, that I’m a biiiiiiig Thrones guy, I gotta throw this in there.


It sincerely was a different world we lived in the last time the Yankees won a series and I hope this walk down memory lane puts it all in perspective.



The Yankees are Back,