In this world of fake news, it’s be really easy to hear something and have no freaking clue whether it’s real or not.

For example, scroll down your Twitters timeline for about 100 tweets and likely you’ll find something Donald Trump allegedly said, or a Photoshopped Carmelo Anthony in a Rockets jersey…

It’s all fake news. Sad!

So here’s some news that is actually REAL news… Didi Gregorius, shortstop for the New York Yankees, is actually a knight.

  what confused wait james franco GIF

I swear. Evidently back in 2011 he was part of the Netherlands team that won the 2011 IBAF Baseball World Cup and in return, he was knighted in CuraƧao.


So next time you are cheering for our boy Didi to make a nice play, you call him “Sir” – show him some #re2pect!



Chivalry Isn’t Dead So Long As We Got Didi,