Listen, I don’t think I’m doing anything more than connecting some very simple dots here.

Saturday, July 22, 2017Water Cooler Sports hosts a charity golf tournament raising money for Movember. Movember (for those unknowing) is an organization that every November has its contributors grow some mustaches to show their support in the fight against cancer. And when people say, “Why are you growing that?” (and trust me, people ask) – you have yourself a really easy segue into, “Well, I’m raising money for a charity…” and boom, you have yourself a donation… Typically.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 – Brett Gardner is seen with a REALLY fierce mustache and I haven’t heard any explanation as to why… But Twitter has taken notice:

Though, maybe not all of the response is positive, it does prove mustaches cause quite a reaction, which begs the question, Brett – WHY?!

Here’s my theory…

Image result for pepe silvia gif

I think Brett Gardner was inspired by the Water Cooler Sports Open on Saturday – maybe he saw we raised $884 for MovemberMAYBE he saw Producer Tim’s luscious upper lip sweater…

…he saw this genius and was like, “Yup, this is the stuff I wanna get into. These guys at Water Cooler Sports know EXACTLY what is up. Let’s Hall & Oates this thing and Make Their Dreams Come True.

Regardless, Brett Gardner’s mustache has brought this team two consecutive series wins and I undoubtedly am thankful for that.



Cheers to Brett & Cheers to Mustaches,