Last week’s recap of Game of Thrones was a really easy one in the sense that they gave bloggers like me PLENTY of material like the guy with no dick doing a really classy, really elegant box munching and one big ass wolf… This week it took a little more effort on my part to make this blog but we’ll see where it takes us.

Without further ado, last night’s recap from a guy that has now watched five total episodes…

The one big thing that really stood out to me was the weird ass incest scene where Queen Cercei bangs her brother cuz she was really turned on by murdering the hot lesbian‘s daughter (maybe Selena Gomez) right in front of her face… brutal.

Okay, ignoring the fact that poisoning and murdering someone turned her on (Jesus that queen chick is FUCKED in the head) but then she went a banged her brother right after. Now, despite having a haircut that I previously only thought Anna from The OC could pull off, she had quite the body for a 40 year old (maybe – I have no idea how old her character is actually supposed to be).

I mean, the recent step-brother & step-sister incest trend that started on (I’m gonna guess that’s where it started), obviously influenced the nerd writers from Thrones. All roads lead back to porn I guess!

The only other thing I want to point out is pretty clearly Jon Snow, and his incredibly sexy man bun, is going to bang the dragons out of Khaleesi. Name me a hotter couple… Go ahead. I dare you.

Jon Snow Kalise.jpg

Basically it’ll be a political-gain bang for both of them I take it (think Hillary and Bill) but also they’re both really hot so that’ll be a Jergen’s worthy moment in the cumming weeks.

And that’s about it! I watched a show for two hours and remembered two items! Good for me. Clearly I “get” this show and am STOKED to have the rest of the season to figure it all out.



I Get GoT,