Monday’s are about turning lemons into lemonade… and this week’s national anthem is easily the best example of that maybe of all time.

Imagine your flight gets delayed… doesn’t matter where you’re going – it sucks. Your time is being wasted and you wanna punch the kid that yammering away about Yu Gi Oh (is that still a thing?) to his mom who couldn’t give a shit less but also can’t shut him up… But then a man swoopes in to save the day. Watch:

If I was on this flight I would be full mast. That is the definition of electric. I can’t get enough of this… HELL YEAH!!! MERICA!!!

This week’s Merica Monday photo is from Brittany from Boise State. Chicks and pups, seriously nothing better. Go ahead and hit up her Instagram at brittanybolt and hammer some ❤’s her way. All the way from Idaho, I love it!!

Together, let’s make Monday great again folks!!



Love it or Leave it,