Last fall, we saw (now the $8 million man) Ron Baker release a children’s book that I, almost without any hesitation, bought and had a Christmas gift ready earlier than probably ever before! His book is LIT and if you’re a Knicks family, it really is just a good gift overall… good values, etc.

But today isn’t about Ronny B… Today is about a young gun on the New York Football Giants – Sterling Shepard. Shepard and his sister dropped a children’s book and I gotta respect that move. Again, as a fan of the Giants, it 100% handcuffed me to making this purchase (spoiler alert, it’s already on it’s way).

Listen, I always root for the rooks and Shepard was no different – but getting jerseys is just such a risk. PLUS, this book is a good way to get my niece/nephew to read (despite me not having read a book in probably 8+ years) and unduly influence them to be New York sports fans, which is really all we’re shooting for at the end of the day.

I just want them to grow up, and in 15 years or so, be cool with sitting around on a Sunday with their uncle, fetching him (me) beers and rooting for the Knicks & Giants to win their 15th straight titles respectively… I don’t think that’s so much to ask!!

So here it is, The Adventures of Young Shep: Young Shep Saves the Game. Ten fucking dollars and you get to bring along a young fan to the New York Giants fanbase AND get them reading (which sucks, but I get it).

Do the right thing.



Go Big Blue,