I’ve heard all summer long that this is a “bad” year for ticks.  Apparently because of the mild winter up here in the North, the ticks didn’t die out from last year so there’s like a shit ton more ticks this year with different “strains” of Lyme Disease or whatever.  In fact, I actually know three people who were bitten by ticks and got Lyme Disease, two of which spent substantial time in the hospital.

So my question here is what the hell is the point of ticks?  Everyone hates spiders, but they tolerate them because they control the insect population or something.  A lot of people hate snakes, but people give them a pass because they make all the cinnamon buns in the world or whatever it is they do.  But what about ticks?  What is the fucking point of ticks other than attaching their gross little legs into people’s and dog’s skin and giving them Lyme Disease?

Do they keep the ozone layer intact?  Do they clean water?  Do they filter air?  I don’t think they do any of those things.  It’s bullshit that they exist.  They’re just parasites is what they are.  Can you name a good parasite?  No? That’s what I thought.

Shit.  I mean if it wasn’t bad enough that they hurt people, they hurt the only thing better than people – dogs.  Any creature that hurts dogs deserves to be wiped off the Planet Earth.  Fuckin’ ticks, man.  Worthless pieces of shit.