At a recent fan forum, Jets 1st Round draft pick S Jamal Adams said “…if I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field.”

Soooooooo, ok, here’s the deal… Maybe not the ideal time to say something like that, given that just last week a study came out saying that 110 of 111 brains tested for CTE from ex-NFL players came back positive for the disease.

Aaaaaand probably not the best place either, given that he was sitting right next to Roger Goodell – the commissioner of the NFL, who is always under fire for how dangerous the game is and everyone getting concussed and shit.

But here’s the thing though (and I’ve said it before). Jamal Adams isn’t expecting to actually fucking die on the field. Don’t be an idiot. He is basically just saying he will accept dying prematurely as a consequence of his love for football… And shit, you’re getting paid MILLIONS of dollars to do so.

They’re not going to receive any sympathy from me here on this. Accept the risks, cash those checks, die for it. I like Jamal Adams a LOT more for being open and just saying this.