Sometimes when new guys come to town it’s tough to decide whether to embrace and love them right away or make them earn our love… Well, Sonny Gray came to town and I noticed a couple things: his horrible sweet facial hair and his unreal baby face. No joke, he really looks like 18 years old – which on the Yankees isn’t unusual (see Tyler Wade) but still… Anyway, I digress.

I went and did some research to see who our newest addition really is. Apparently he’s a really chill Cali guy and I was afraid that maybe the 24/7 New York media machine will be too much. But honestly he’ll be fine, especially if Derek Jeter was the most loved Yankee in my lifetime, and he was invisible to the media.

But as I continued to dig a little deeper, I found this gem…


Now, that is a Instagram post from his wife, Jessica, of him flexing one of the strongest mustaches I’ll ever need to see. Now, I officially know this guy is the dude.

As you all know, we here at Water Cooler Sports are very Mo-friendly (see our many Movember posts last year AND the Water Cooler Sports Open, a Movember charity golf outing) so the mustache is all I really needed.

But to be sure he was a cool dude, I figured – let’s see if Jessica herself is as sweet as Sonny’s outstanding mustache… Spoiler alert, she kinda is!

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She kinda seems like the traditional mom hot. Like, the whole “married this babe in college and she wanted a family right away” hot… I know ya’ll know what I’m saying.

Anyways, welcome to the both of them into the New York Sports family! We’re gonna make great things happen in New York together!



Let’s Go Yanks,