It’s been a while since my first article but I don’t think you fuckers really care anyway.

Jumping right in, can we discuss how fucking SICK Hanks new pads are??

This just continues to show that this dude fucks on and off the ice. He’s going to have the sickest pads in the game this season. Jake Allen had the potential to have the sickest pads last season if he faded the blue into the yellow, but decided to do just straight blue and immediately shift into yellow:

jake allen hockey pads.jpg

…Kinda ugly if you ask me.

Anyway moving on into the actual hockey world.

Let’s talk about Nate Schmidt. He got picked up by the Golden Knights since the Caps couldn’t protect his ass. Since then, Schmidt wants $2.75 mill per year to play for the Knights, BUT the Knights only want him for $950K (which is understandable since he’s so young).

As a 23 year old, this kid is looking promising, and I know a lot of Caps fans are pretty disappointed that they couldn’t keep him. But to be fair, he’s asking for a big boy salary for a young kid who put up slightly above average numbers.

He should probably just think about taking what he can get, prove those fuckers wrong, then rake in the mills next season because if he can’t, then his ass is gonna be on arbitration. Who knows, maybe he knows what he’s doing here.

It’s a bold strategy cotton lets see how it plays out.