Yes, it’s only 2pm but safe to say your boy Taylor has checked out for the weekend. With the Sky Blue FC game tonight and heading down to LBI tomorrow, my mind isn’t even close to finance (or whatever it is my company thinks they’re paying me to do).

My day has been, well, a struggle and I hope you all find some joy and humor in what has been a ridiculous day so far… And again, it’s only 2pm.

I guess to start, I’d have to take us back to yesterday and last night… Yesterday, I finally closed on the Water Cooler Sports new HQ in the morning – which is dope, and then at night, I had the company summer party. It was open bar on a rooftop bar in NYC, and I’m not gonna NOT black out under those conditions.

**Spoiler Alert: I did.**

Fast forward to this morning (and why not? I couldn’t tell you what the fuck happened even if I wanted to)… I woke up at 10am – so a tad┬ábit late to work – and so hungover I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to shower… Really just feeling that overall AIDSY feeling.

I thought about not going to work, but was like, “No idiot, you did this to yourself… Just make it to work and hopefully everyone is really hungover too. It’ll be FINE.

this is fine meme WCS Water Cooler Sports.jpg

On the 25-minute train ride in to the city, I almost legit passed out. Now, I’ve passed out a few times in my life and, no joke, I started to get the feeling and *to myself* I was like, “No fucking shot. You’re not getting 9-1-1 called on you because you are an idiot and got way too drunk last night. Man up and make it to work.” So I popped a squat on the disabled seating (because honestly, I was more disabled than a disabled person at this point) and I made it through alive.

Then, walking in this humid gross weather wasn’t great for a hangover, but I’m a warrior. I did that too. And honestly, at this point, I was kinda on a roll and thought it wasn’t gonna be that bad. I was going to win the day – despite the constant nausea.

Then the real hurtle of my day came…

 fail fall hurdle GIF

I get to work and my left contact is annoying the shit out of me. If you’re reading this and have contact lenses, you know how bad the struggle can be sometimes. Well… there I am, no contact solution in sight, struggling to not throw up and crying out of my left eye because my that lens decided to be a huge bitch today.

So I chucked it. I made the decision after it hurting for like an hour to just go half blind all day. And let’s make something clear, I am pretty close to blind without them. I’ve met a handful of people with worse eyes than me (and most have the last name Taylor), but I’m not joking with I say, this is about what I’m seeing right now:

Work desk 2

Imagine walking around a building hungover and THAT is your vision!! UN-BE-LIEVABLE!! But your boy is doing it, almost running into people and shit – it’s great.

Anyway, like I said, I’ve only been up for about 4 hours and the struggle has been VERY real… Thought you’d all appreciate it.



Hungover & Blind,



P.S. How I still have a job is really beyond me… Better hope this website takes off – AM I RIGHT?!?!