Too Little, Too Late.”

Those wise words from JoJo go PERFECTLY with how I felt getting a full night’s sleep last night… I put a bandaid on a bullet hole (T-Swift reference, unintentional) and 🚨 spoiler alert 🚨, it’s NOT working. I will for sure be looking for a small couch to sleep on today at work. No regrets.


Shoutout to Shannon from Cal State – Channel Island this week for a hell of a Merica Monday photo. Head over to her page and smash that like button over at shannonwaterman. Do it for America!!

Now, alot of you may be thinking, “Why did Taylor start this thing off with the title from a JoJo song?

Well, not that JoJo references require ANY context, but I found out JoJo sang the national anthem at the International Champions Cup last week and, uh, yeah… She’s still got it.

Love it. Thank God for JoJo and thank God for America.