As a member of the media, it is my duty to make sure I am abreast (tehe) as far as cultural items go. So, last night when SharkNado 5: Global Swarming debuted on SyFy – your boy Taylor had it on.

…Well, kinda – I was 10 minutes late! I know I had heard it was debuting a month or so ago with the tagline “Make America Bait Again so I guess I should have been more prepared, but as it was Sunday afternoon and prime mush-brain time in my world, I blew it. Hand up on that one.

 why adam sandler i hate you how dare you GIF

So there I was, watching SharkNado 5 and, if you weren’t watching, I think it’s safe to say it went EXACTLY how you’d imagine SharkNado 5 was going to go down…

Within seconds, the shark infested tornado had taken out Stonehenge, the London Bridge, Parliament, and basically had a clear warpath going through any great world landmark you can think of. Tara Reid was a robot who can fly (no further explanation needed there, right?). Sharks would fly through the air and kill people hilariously (and predictably) all the time. Really it was trainwreck bad. I really couldn’t look away!!

(Jk, I turned it off about an hour in.)

And here’s the thing – this is the FIFTH SharkNado movie. Our culture has made it not just acceptable to be bad, but we cheer it on and make them legendary. Then we are like disappointed in humanity when we see such horrible movies.

We did it with Harambe. He got shot and we made a huge joke psuedo-religious culture around He who got shot. Now, if you sell Harambe shit, they fly off the shelves and people laugh and love it all.

We did it with Trump (kinda). I think a lot of people cheered him on in a joking way for a while. And then, OOPS, he became our president. We went too far cheering a joke on, then we ended up with the joke.

Another example, LAVAR BALL.

That guy is the ultimate joke. Say the most outrageous things and the camera will never get out of your face. And we as an audience eat it up. But the problem with that? He’s going to keep getting that camera-time and we’ll end up stuck seeing him all the time… Just too much of the jackass. SHIT, WE ALREADY DO!!

Really we are just such a joke culture that we end up rewarding fame to those we laugh with (at)… We ended up with SharkNado 5 because we joked about how hilariously bad the previous FOUR were.

Not saying it’s a terrible thing, but we create monsters… It’s actually pretty impressive.



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