Now, whether you are a Thrones Guy (like me… sorta), or a Mets guy, you might have been a little butt-hurt with Sunday’s extremely short (though action packed) episode.

The Thrones fans just want more watch-time in GoT’s second to last season… Understandably so. But Mets fans though? What the flip would they be upset about?

Well, evidently their ace pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, had a cameo appearance. Doing what?

Note that is his (right) throwing arm… Also note he is on the DL and has been since May 1st with a partially torn lat. Previous his torn lat, he infamously (kinda) refused an MRI just days before… So what does this all mean?

Unless this scene was filmed before the injury (hmm… OR, maybe it even caused the partial tear 🤔🤔), the Mets definitely should not allow the future of their franchise to be throwing spears during cameos… WITH HIS THROWING ARM!!! WHILE HURT!!!

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Heal up. Get better. Baseball is your livelihood. Not cameos in Thrones no matter how much you are a fan.

Just another example of how Mets players call all the shots despite what is and is not best for the team (see basically Cespedes’ entire time in New York).



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