Soooo, uhh… Tough game for our girls last Friday (yes, I’m recapping a game from 4 days ago).

Frank and I talked about most of this on the Exceeding Expectations podcast, but if you’re an old school kinda guy that wants to read blog posts – don’t worry, we got you too!

I’d say the first thing that blew me away Friday was that for the first time all year, the parking guy even REMOTELY questioned us when we went to drive in using the “we’re with the media” line.


Just kidding, he was just doing his job and I was proud of him for even saying anything… You go Glen Coco!!

Now, we rolled into the game late, as it was a weekday game, and our girls were up 1-0… That was the best it was going to get for Sky Blue. LET ME TELL YA.

We parked ourselves at the Beer Garden and just went to town. Some beautiful sights around us included a skinny man woman with a mullet giving the ol’ arm around reaching into his her much larger partner’s back pocket – doing a lil’ PGA (public grab assing). The below photo was taken JUST after he moved his hand. Sad!

Sky Blue FC Hat

^^YUP, that guy human on the left is a girl!!

Also, there were a group of dudes there who must have had 30 beers. It was amazing. True testament to the human spirit. Peep them at the end of this video:

Beyond that, the game didn’t offer much BUT we had a lengthy talk with the gentleman running the drinks truck, and – no joke – THAT seemed to be a business worth getting into. Selling beers at an OUTRAGEOUS markup (because, YEAH, people are buying them) and F’Rose, their frozen Rose wine slushies… This guy was cleaning up. Really had to respect the sabermetrics he had going on, and he was really open with us, the media, about the numbers and cold hard facts behind it.

Ignoring the fact that our girls got four goals scored on us in the second half, it wasn’t a terrible postgame… Frank and I ditched interviewing Coach Holley – a dick move in hindsight but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Frank interviewed Erica Skroski – who btw is an absolute STAR, and I spread my wings and flew… I hit up the winning team (such a frontrunner) and talked to Kristie Mewis, former US Women’s National Team member and a sister of a friend of a friend (YEAH… we’re basically bff’s). Anyways, I can’t speak to Frank’s interview, but Kristie was a cool girl and runs a site with her sister, Sam Mewis, and Stephanie McCaffrey, who plays NWSL ball out in Chicago, called Honestly, it’s pretty sweet, go check it out. It’s basically chicks talking about whatever they want but in regular voices… not prim and proper PC bullshit – just some #RealTalk. I enjoy it.

The only other thing I feel the need to touch on is that there were CUSTOM Sky Blue flatbrim hats on the girls in front of us…

Sky Blue Guy Grab Assing

PEEP THOSE FUCKING HATS. Outrageous!! Maybe they are the owner’s daughters? But other than that, I would be BLOWN AWAY to hear they made custom hats to show their fandom of Sky Blue… Just wild.

Alright, that’s about it… Next time we run this thing will be the August 18th… See ya’ll then!



Sky Blue (or) F*C* (You)!!