You don’t root for players to get hurt. You just don’t. Especially not over and over again… Even with Tony Romo, I never rooted¬†for him to get hurt, he was just built of glass and I just enjoyed Dallas’ backups (well, until Dak decided to be a stud)…

Anyways, again I wasn’t rooting for it here but Dallas offensive tackle Tyron Smith today was “shut down” with a back injury… From an optimistic Giants fan prospective, maybe what used to be the strength of that Cowboys team, just got a chink in its armor.

But here’s the funny part… Listen to the reporting of the injury here:

If you’ll remember, last year he was dealing with a bulging dick issue…

 oh snap GIF

Fucking hilarious. Leave it to the NFL Network to give us some quality mid-day humor during some injury coverage!!




Good to Have Football Back!!