Alright, this “Kings Stay Kings” is almost like reporting that the sun came up this morning… Like, NO SHIT someone on the Sacramento Kings fucked up again. Like clockwork this will happen.

Late last night, the LAPD arrested Zebo for possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Can I ask just like a really simple question?

 abc season 12 why the bachelorette but why GIF


I get getting busted for possession. Everyone smokes pot, it literally means NOTHING… But Zebo, dude, you just got a 2-year/$24-million contract!! WHY DO YOU NEED TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK OFF SELLING POT?!

It makes NO sense. I get your playing career is coming to an end, but you can make way more money staying out of this shit…

There’s really only two explanations… It was ALL for Zebo to smoke himself (which if so, #re2pect); OR, he’s retarded.

Given he was an over-hyped Knick who went on to lead another team to perennial playoff contention, I am going to say he’s a dickhead and was sincerely looking to become a professional dealer after his playing days were over.

Zebo, figure it out man…



Kings Stay Kings,