WE ARE BACK, BABY!!! Nothing makes me happier than the start of a fresh EPL season. New teams have entered the league; there is nice and warm weather; and everyone is full of ambition thinking quite possibly this could be THE year. Such hope and joy oozing from everyone.

Ladies and gents, let’s dive into Week 1!


Arsenal v. Leicester City
The Emirates, 2:45pm
I am gonna say it now, Leicester come in 10th place. Arsenal will come in 4th. Arsenal will cruise through this game even though Sanchez is hurt. This season will be a lot less volatile than last for the gooners. 2-0 Arsenal.


Watford v. Liverpool
Duh Stadium, 7:30am
Liverpool is one of those teams with huge goals this season but will fall short. They just don’t have enough depth and skill. That being said they will destroy Watford. 3-0 Liverpool.

Chelsea v. Burnley
Stamford Bridge, 10:00am
Speaking of lack of depth, our defending champs are in for a terrible uphill battle this year. I’ll be content with a top 4 finish, IF we win the Champions League. Game one we
need our newest striker and big money signing to score. 33-0 Chelsea.

Everton v. Stoke
Goodison Park, 10:00am
Everton lost their striker and Stoke is a heart break.This is a statement to show each club’s true intentions. Could be a very interesting one. 1-1 tie.

Southampton v. Swansea
St. Mary’s, 10:00am
All the good players on these teams are trying to leave. No big expectations for either of these sides. Maybe they’ll pull  off some wild upset but I’m not throwing money on it. 2-1 Swansea.

Crystal Palace v. Huddersfield Town
Selhurst Park, 10:00 am
Yup, I’m real excited for this game. New boys from the Town will pounce on the sleeping Eagles. Cagey start with a rambunctious finish, just what the doctor ordered. 3-0 The Town.


West Brom v. Bournemouth
The Hawthorns, 10:00am
Bournemouth is getting relegated. West Brom finishes top 8. I’m expecting a nice and defensively sound game here. No flare, just get the job done. 1-0 West Brom.

Brighton & Hove Albion v. Man City
Falmer Field, 12:30pm
Insane name for a team. It’s difficult to respect a team with “and” in the name. Man City is going to run rampant over this baby club. 99-0 City.


Newcastle v. Tottenham
St. James, 8:30am
It’s good to have Newcastle back in the league. It’s nice to beat up on a club who claims so much history. Sp*rs have an easy one to start. 2-0 Sp*rs.

Man U v. West Ham
Old Trafford, 11:00am
I hate to say this, but United look great coming into the season. But Frank, you love Chelsea don’t you have faith in the Blues? Yes I do. Chelsea produces only the best,
which is why United will do great. They are full of Chelsea Transplants, ‘tis truly troubling. 3-1 Man U.




Friday’s are for Futbol,