As we embark on our Super bowl run, it seems only logical to overhype the SHIT out of tonight’s preseason game. We definitely have some questions about our squad that maybe tonight we’ll get some questions on…

Who is going to be Eli’s backup? Is his successor really that great? Has Ereck Flowers made ANY improvement on his game (God, I hope so)? Can Evan Engram be everything we hope’d he can be?

Tonight we’ll get our first look at some of these things.

Let’s start with the backup QB question. There’s really no reason to discuss it because Eli doesn’t get hurt (knock on wood) but realistically it could happen. So who would it be? Geno or Josh Jackson?

geno smith josh jackson new york giants qb battle backup.jpg

Geno was always a joke to me but he never really had a chance in New York as a Jet. “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” comes to mind when thinking of his time in Green & White. Over and over, Geno was tried out and then passed up on in the circus of quarterbacks the Jets threw out there. Now, he’s going to see stability – welcome to the New York Giants! He is definitively the backup and an emergency situation player at best. Josh Jackson on the other hand is trash to me, not sure why he even is being given a chance to start. He played on and off for Tampa a few years and posted a 1:2 TD-to-INT ratio… So yeah, I’m passing on this guy. Geno should win this job.

davis webb eli face new york giants qb rookie future.jpg

Will Davis Webb be the quarterback of the future? In my mind, he’s our third string guy. He won’t see the field this year at all, but he have him there to develop, learn to be a pro and after Eli’s time is up, maybe we have our guy. He’s a coach’s son (in case you didn’t know that already) with huge hands. I like this guy, I could easily see me getting his jersey (as my Nassib one no longer will work). I am #AllIn on the Davis Webb train… But at least three years away.

ereck flowers sucks new york giants.jpg

Ereck Flowers. What do I even need to say here? My expectations are below zero. He is getting my Knicks optimism of “hope for the best, realistically¬†expect the worst“- and why not?! He hasn’t shown me any reason to think otherwise! I expect to watch this game and say, “Yup, can’t wait to not be able to run the ball again for another year!

evan engram new york giants.JPG

And then there’s the belle of the ball – Evan Engram! Do I love Evan Engram too early already? YES! Do I think this kid can be Eli’s best tight end since Jeremy Shockey? YES!! Today we’ll see what this all develops into. He’s a WR/TE from what I gather and having that as our TE will be interesting. Maybe we bail on running altogether and just commit to the most pass heavy offense in history. Let’s hope the Ole Miss Rebel can some magic in the Meadowlands tonight. I am easily the most excited to watch this!

So honestly, quite a few things to watch for… Tune in, WCS will be there to record to magic, so tune in. SnapChat: w-csports. Instagram Live: watecoolersports. Facebook Live: TheWaterCoolerSports.



Let’s Go Big Blue,