Last week Leonard Fournette made a few comments that the NFL game was “really easy” to transition to because he had already played in the SEC…

Can I just say one thing?

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Fournette, you played ONE PRESEASON GAME in the NFL. Before calling it “easy” maybe realize everyone isn’t trying quite their hardest yet. Maybe you aren’t playing against the “best of the best” yet. Maybe things are slow because people are dusting off the rust from the off-season.

But the reason this really triggered me, and yes – this has me pretty #triggered – is that he thinks it’s easy because he came from the SEC. Like the SEC is somehow as good as or better than the NFL? The NFL is a league of MEN who professionally play football. The SEC is college aged KIDS. There is a huge difference there, and I think Fournette is downright retarded thinking they’re even remotely comparable.

First of all, there are no Jacksonville State‘s on his NFL calendar. Even when he plays the Browns in November, he’ll likely realize that these are men, not kids, and no game will be easy.

I sincerely think he just gave every defensive player in the NFL some bulletin board material to look at before playing the Jags this year. That will just give everyone that extra fire to hit him a little harder and remind him of how “easy” the NFL is.

Listen, I was ready to root for Fournette this year – I’d like to see him carry the Jags to a great season… But this SEC bullshit pride is the worst.



Finebaum Don’t @ Me,