I personally am coming into this week with one less pair of jeans and one more pair of homemade jortz… So safe to say this weekend was a win. I hope you all made exclusively great decisions as well.

Shoutout to Alexis this week for her beautiful Merica Monday photo. I can just tell she loves America. Alexis is from the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga and deserves a million likes and follows, so go check out her page at alexismcraewhite and continue our (collective) weekend’s momentum of making great decisions!

This week’s national anthem is themed “Little League World Series” cuz, well, tis the season (actually this was the only LLWS National Anthem from 2017 I could find and thought that was weird… Internet needs to step it up there).

Well, there it is! I am ready to take this week on strong and full of American Pride.



Let’s Goooooooo,