Why would I be a fan of a guy that just blew a 2-1 lead to the Red Sox in the middle of a pennant race?

Why would I defend a guy who has almost blown more saves this year (4) ALREADY than ever before in his MLB career (5 BLSV in 2012 with CIN)??

All it took for me to be able to say “we’re good” when it comes to this 2017 Aroldis Chapman, the “Aroldis Chapman” that we need this year, ¬†was one At Bat on Sunday… it was against Hanley Ramirez.

It wasn’t that he struck Hanley out necessarily… It was what Chapman did right after that hooked me.

From early on, when he pitches Chapman seems to not really give a shit. Like he’s clearly fueled by an anger I’ll never understand and he is a maniac, but I never saw the competition and fire from him.

When he struck out Hanley, he let out a celebration and I sincerely was like, “Oh, SHIT!!” I had never seen that out of him before, at least on the Yankees, and boom. Just like that, I am on the Chapman train.

Listen, if some people (**cough cough ** Big Fudge ** cough cough **) can stick by Headley during his GARBAGE stretch because “he really cares how bad he’s doing” – then I can have Chapman’s back here… I FINALLY think (or saw once) that he actually cares.



Team Flamethrower,