A lot of Knicks fans may be thinking this year’s outlook is dismal… Well, listen up idiots – you (and me) last year got caught up calling ourselves a “Super Team” and well… we weren’t.

In fact, we were maybe the WORST of the WORST… But hear me out.

A pass-first, smart point guard (hopefully) in Frank, with wings who can hit the three in Lee, THJ & Melo… And a unicorn to stretch the floor, AND can throw it down, rebound, play big, block shots, etc?


But seriously, take a look at the schedule below and tell me where you see a loss:

(P.S. I did you a favor and highlighted the one’s I think are guaranteed wins)

Knicks Projected Wins Losses Schedule 2017.PNG

I mean, 36-0 heading into 2018 should put us in a pretty good spot to make the playoffs in this weakened Eastern Conference…

Pretty excited to be talking New York Knicks PLAYOFF basketball again!!



65 Days Until Knicks Basketball,