Last week, Odell made waves with this one handed catch…

And honestly, this isn’t something that is new to Odell, as he has done things like this throughout his career… am I right Dallas fans?

Anyways, Benny with the Good Hair yesterday was asked his thoughts on Odell’s catches, and this was what he said:

Listen, I am not a McAdoo hater. I am not an Odell hater. If Beckham has been dropping these one -handers, then I get the coach’s response… I also imagine if he’d been dropping them, we’d see A MILLION videos of that. I think we’re good Benny, just let #13 do his thing.

OR, is this maybe something bigger?

Saturday Night Live saturday night live season 42 couch snl 2017 GIF

Maybe Benny Slickback is just concerned with who has the strongest hair in the room! Maybe he learned from coaching greats like Pat Riley, you need to have power hair to control the room. Since Odell had the stronger hair last year (see McAdoo hair), he won the room. This year, Ben is poised to use all the hair gel in northern New Jersey (that’s A LOT), and take back his lockerroom.



Slickback vs Frosted Tips,