Yesterday, the Yankees took down the Mets and, as if nobody saw this coming, I am convinced we are playoff bound.

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Okay, listen… Sanchez is starting to heat up (offensively at least), which is necessary if we want a chance to be anything. Our bullpen (minus Chapman who I’ll defend later) looks stellar. Didi continues what I think is a STELLAR season – he hits well, fields well, he is a stud. He basically is the quietest hero ever. Hicks seems to be back in the SWING of things (Get it? #NailedIt)… Actually he’s only hitting .231 since coming back from injury but he’s looked good the last few games and been making some great defensive plays. Judge, despite being on a THIRTY TWO consecutive game strikeout streak, is still a great fielder AND at least he homered Monday and doubled last night… Maybe he can break out of his funk.

So yeah, as with all things New York Sports, the sky was falling a few days ago but we are back. WE ARE BACK.

The Yankees are 4.5 behind the Sox right now. Keep an eye out. This weekend is going to be HUGE.



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