I gotta hand it to the Sox, their opening pitch ceremony for a Wednesday night game was pretty en fuego… The 1967 team surrounding a kid who beat cancer throwing out the first pitch? That’s pretty rad ass.

The pitch itself, though?


Absolutely unreal. This could easily go down in history with 50 Cent and Mariah Carey as one of the most epic first pitches of all time… I mean, the guy holding the camera DIDN’T EVEN FLINCH as it was zooming toward his shit. That is like staring death in the eyes.

A couple things with this video in its entirety. First, the kid, Jordan Leandre, has a reaction of like, “Ohhhhhhh shit!!! HAHAHAH! My bad!!” and it’s just so genuine and pure – I love it.

Then, the hug that Mike Andrews (the catcher of the first pitch, and former Red Sox player) gives to Jordan is such a fatherly, “Hey, don’t worry about it there, sport – that was HILARIOUS!” kinda hug – again, so pure.

And then the reaction from the old timers…

Absolutely amazing. I love all of this. Good clean fun for everyone… Well, except the camera guy who likely is only singing soprano for a while.



Two Balls, No Strikes,