If you are a fan of Water Cooler Sports, it’s pretty likely you’re a fan of Barstool Sports… Or were at least (jk, jk but seriously).

Anyway, here’s the thing – we’re trying to not overwhelm you with content 24/7… We’re gonna cherry pick the best of the best stuff out there, talk about that, and I guess that way, you’re not missing anything really. The odds you can keep up with all the stuff we have going on are REALLY good.

So what’s new? What’s next?



I mean, who doesn’t like dogs? Honestly, if you don’t like dogs – screw you, get off our site. I’m not saying cats (or turtles, or whatever else weirdos keep for pets) suck or anything, but what I am saying is that dogs are great.

So the idea is, we’ll feature your dogs as much as possible on the Instagram. Just dog pics for days. And we’ll start up a video content series called “DILP Hunters” (arguably a derivative of the Brazzers’ world famous “MILF Hunters“).

So, what is a “DILP“? Dogs I Like to Pet. Ideally, we’ll walk around cities and get videos petting dogs, maybe tossing out treats and rating our experience.

For example, a 10 outta 10 rating would be a dog that is adorable, asks for a belly rub, eats the treat, is friendly, etc… A 0 outta 10 would be a dog that bites my face (even though even that might get some nostalgia points from me #RIPBo).

This looks like this will be our newest venture to ride this summer into the fall… Let’s get it!!



DILP Hunting SZN,