Tired of staring at the sun and burning your eyeballs off? Yeah, me too. You know who might actually WANT to burn their eyeballs off though, for the product they’ve seen on the field YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR??

You guessed it!! BILLS MAFIA!!!

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Earlier this offseason we heard the Bills had traded both cornerback Ronald Darby and wide receiver Sammy Watkins, in moves that definitely made it seem like tanking is their move this year – when just a couple weeks earlier they had signed Anquan Boldin. The Boldin signing made the seemingly sudden decision to tank, at least for me, a little surprising… Like, were the Bills not sure if they wanted to tank when they signed him two weeks ago? WTF!?

Then, and this is my best guess, Anquan Boldin (probably) looked around the lockerroom and was like, “Wait, who are these guys? If we’re not even pretending to make the playoffs… I’m not enduring a fucking Buffalo winter!” Aaaaand Boldin retired.

So no Sammy, no Boldin… I legit am wondering if Shady and Tyrod are going to be ANYTHING worth watching.

Will they be worse than as bad as the Jets?

When will they be relevant again?

Can they win a game?

What a shame, 4-straight Super Bowl losses and then 17-straight years without seeing the playoffs. Buffalo, I am rooting for you – but seriously, wtf…



Circle the Wagons,