So, I stumbled upon this one today… Apparently Margot Robbie (the babe from Wolf of Wall Street, or Focus, or the Big Short, or Suicide Squad… Whatever, she definitely was a relatively new (to me at least) actress that was a babe.

(Worth noting: 1,000% thought she was the same chick from My Name is Earl… She’s not – that’s Jaime Pressly… You’re welcome for that fun fact!)

Well, Robbie evidently wanted to destroy her image and has decided to do… Well, this:

What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK.

Why. WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY?!!?!

Look at what she used to look like…

 margot robbie the wolf of wall street wolf of wall street GIF

 blonde margot robbie wolf of wall street GIF

 margot robbie fuck off the big short got it bubble bath GIF

 margot robbie leo corner interrupted GIF

 margot robbie focus by mimi mrobbieedit margotedit GIF


margot robbie queen elizabeth what happened.jpg

margot robbie queen elizabeth.jpg

I am just so sad. What a shame.

Let’s remember her for who she was, not who she is now (a horrible monster).