In 2017, we live in a country where you can’t say, or do, anything without it being wildly misconstrued and absorbing extreme criticism.

And today, I saw that Ron Rivera has the slogan (and wears a shirt that reads) “CONTROL YOUR APE” – a message directed at his team.

(COUPLE NOTEWORTHY THINGS: “APE” here is meant to stand for “Attitude. Preparation. Effort.” and also, he apparently has been wearing this shirt for a while, but I only just learned about it so… #YOLO)

However, like I said earlier, 2017 is a time where people get pissed about everything and you can be called a racist pretty quickly… HOW THE FUCK HAS RON RIVERA’S HEAD NOT BEEN CALLED FOR?!!? HOW IS THIS NOT “INSANELY RACIST”?!?!

In a league that has been under fire for the imbalance of minority coaches or in a league where some players compare the NFL to slavery, it seems like a bold move to wear a shirt that says “CONTROL YOUR APE” as a reminder to play under control – when 70% of the players in the league (so presumably your team as well) are black.


He couldn’t have picked a different fucking mantra? Maybe one that doesn’t sound like something a shithead slave-owner from the 1800’s would say!!

So here it is… @SnowflakeAmerica, the same @SnowflakeAmerica that thinks we should tear down statues and gets offended by a little lockerroom talk, go get on Ron Rivera!! Let him know we won’t stand for this anymore. We are #triggered and we won’t stand for it.



I Can No Longer Control This APE,


P.S. Yes, this whole thing was sarcastic… No I don’t give a shit. It’s just a slow day for content and shooters gotta shoot.