Strap in for a ride here folks… Because this #WCW is one for the ages.

This beauty, Jovana Vukojičić,  is the girlfriend of Ognjen Jaramaz.


Great question! He is the player the Knicks drafted with the 58th overall pick out of Serbia this year. You may remember him from my “Let’s Meet Our Newest Knicks” post after the draft back in June, but here’s a picture for a little reminder:

Ognjen Jaramaz New York Knicks.jpg


Now, his girl Jovana is barely known. She’s not like most New York sports wives or girlfriends who have like 700,000+ Instagram followers and just so happen to be models/actresses and are totally not just in it to get mad exposure.

No, Jovana is different. She has 355 followers on Instagram which – worth noting – is private. Maybe she is just that down to Earth, “I won’t bother you – please don’t bother me” kinda girl… Not saying that’s ideal for New York City or anything, but maybe that’s who she is.

Anyway, thankfully despite her hiding all of her photos, her boyfriend Ognjen has her peppered all over his page… So without further ado, let’s check out the chick who is dating the 15th guy on Coach Hornacek’s bench!!

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No ‘kini pics… Hopefully once she accepts our follow request we’ll update this post. But good to see another Eastern block kid on the Knicks who can wheel (see: Mindaugas Kuzminskas’ girl).



Knicks with the Knack,