So last night the new broke that the two best teams in the Eastern Conference made a HUGE trade… The Celtics would receive Cavalier’s All-Star Point Guard Kyrie Irving, in exchange for the black Tyrion Lannister Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and Brooklyn’s 1st Round Pick next year (aka the #1 pick in the draft).

Okay, wow. Lots to process here…

Starting with what Boston got and how it’ll work – Kyrie Irving. The “Big 3” of Kyrie, Hayward & Horford does NOT sound all that intimidating if you ask me. Not to mention there’s only FOUR guys remaining from last year’s Eastern Conference Finals team… That “teamwork that made the dream work” last year is dead. Gone. Bye. Now they tried to throw a big three together and honestly, THAT “Big 3” is trash.

Now, let’s talk about what they gave up to get that. They got rid of the guy that for all the last few years, they have been trying desperately to tell everyone is the best player ever – Isaiah Thomas. I will give him this, the fucking guy has a heart bigger than almost as big a heart as John Starks.

And it seemed like Boston loved him and he loved BostonBuuuut in a league with no loyalty, where players jettison to greener pastures year-after-year, the Celtics believed they had to cash in before IT cashed out. His 1-year deal was the death of him. Everyone knew he wanted to get paid as if he was an elite player, and Danny Ainge must not have thought he was THAT good to pay him like such.

(Good call Danny, I agree he’s not… Still ruthless.)

Trading Jae Crowder I found just really funny. I don’t really “get” Crowder if we’re being honest. Is he a defensive wing player? Is he a 3-point shooter? Is he a dickhead? My answer to all those is “I think so” which is really funny the Cavs got him because don’t they already have a guy JUST like that…

iman shumpert wtf.png

I dunno, while IT is at least a replacement for the guy you just traded, Jae seems to be the exact same thing you already have in Shump. I don’t get it.

The first round pick is the only thing I like if you’re the Cavs really. IT could leave after the year (as will Bron) but at least you got a #1 pick overall to start the inevitable rebuild that is “Life After LeBron.

However, this is what I hate if you’re Cleveland… You have the best player in the world. You are effectively wasting a year with him by not going for it again. Push your chips to the middle of the table because there are teams out there who NEVER get the chance to be in championship contention. I get you’re spoiled but soon enough you’ll remember how much being a shitty, losing franchise sucks.

Right now the Cavs feel half pregnant and it is just such a crime to LeBron’s overall legacy that they gave up on him a year early only to make sure they aren’t completely fucked when he leaves.

And if you’re LBJ, you just gotta realize maybe, for the first time in your career, YOU are the one who got left high and dry. He did this to Cleveland the first time. He left Miami pretty abruptly. And now, before he could do it to Cleveland again, they beat him to it.


I dunno, really just a wild trade that I don’t love from either side. Both losers if you ask me.

The winners? Other teams in the East who want to convince themselves they’re a LeBron James injury away from making the 2018 NBA Finals.

I dunno, it doesn’t even matter… The Warriors will win it again. BORING.



The NBA Sucks,