Do you see these two men? I don’t know if they could be more different.

For example, one is still alive, 40-years old, graduated from Syracuse University, works at a payroll company in Albany full-time, but works part-time for ESPN as a commentator, and has called Siena basketball games in the past… Oh, and in addition to being an accomplished commentator in English, he speaks Chinese! The guy is a remarkable!

 surgeon GIF

(Okay, that was kinda racist, but anytime I can use that GIF I will.)

The other “Robert Lee” died in 1870 and was a general in the Civil War, buuuut for the Confederates (aka the guys who were succeeding from our country and wanted slavery)… Now 147 years after his death, the people of America are starting to get PISSED OFF*… Here’s what’s happening:

Robert Lee (the one still living) was told by ESPN he isn’t going to be announcing the UVA vs. William & Mary College Football Game on opening weekend like he was originally supposed to…

Why?” you might ask. Well, because ESPN is a bunch of #triggered snowflakes.

ESPN evidently feels that having a commentator with the name “Robert Lee” do a college football game in Charlottesville would be tasteless given recent events. And while those events were tragic and America needs to be better – I’m not sure punishing a completely innocent guy from doing a job he probably loves (I mean shit, you don’t work a 2nd job commentating sporting events unless you love it [probably]) counts as “being better“.

Think about it, the first name “Robert” and the last name “Lee” are pretty fucking common. In fact, after writing this I looked it up – there are 11,000 Robert Lee’s in the USAELEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE!!

Do they all gotta go change their names to keep from losing their job because right now it’s tough for people to see/hear that name? 147 YEARS AFTER THE RACIST ASSHOLE DIED!!!!!

Those statues can be a topic of public debate… Leave them up, take them down, send them to museums, but there is no reason to punish an innocent guy for what his name is!!

ESPN botched this one. Sad!



Stop the Name Shaming!!




* = I know they are VERY different, but America all of a sudden getting pissed off about Robert E Lee 147 years after his death reminds me a lot of the internet losing its mind over Harambe like two months after his tragic death (#RIP)… I guess the moral here is that we as a country have a real slow-fuse.