ESPN’s Robert Lee might want to take notes on how best to own an unfortunate “same name” situation…

There is a guy named Jon Jones out of Brooklyn. He’s a regular white, tech geek. He likes cats. Whatever, again, just a regular dude.

Then there is the Jon “Bones” Jones who recently got caught cheating using steroids and obviously some fans were pissed… So they took to Twitter to shit on Jones. Unfortunately, @JonJones is NOT Jon “Bones” Jones.

@JonJones is the cat loving, tech geek Jon Jones… You can probably guess how this went. Enjoy!!

My favorite is the “How much for the handle?” DM… That guy was genuinely asking a question and @JonJones just mangled him with a response that included foreskin… Gross and hilarious.

Well played, a definite follow for a few days until this all blows over and just like Ken Bone, we forget about it forever.



@JonJones is a God,