I heard NYC Mayor DiBlasio is thinking about tearing down Christopher Columbus statues and I gotta say… Can we just slow our roll on the statues already?

Okay, hear me out. This is not Republican Taylor talking. This issue doesn’t really fucking matter – they’re statues. At the end of the day, who gives a fuck. But let me just throw this one out there…

Where does it stop? If we tear down Columbus’ statue, do we get rid of his tombstone as well? Do we get rid of all the “bad guys” tombstones? God forbid someone SEES some “bad guy’s” name and gets #triggered.

And then where does THAT end? Think about it. Who judges who is and who isn’t worthy of being remembered? Seems like a really bad idea to start picking and choosing the history we want to remember.

Think about it from BOTH sides. If a Republican is making that decision, they’ll try to eliminate things that commemorate the other side. If a Liberal is making that decision, they’ll pick and choose who THEY wanna remember.

Remember it all. Good and bad. Scumbag or not. History is there to learn from. See these people’s old mistakes and learn from it.

This whole thing is getting ridiculous…