So yesterday Taylor Swift was set to blow all her fans panties off (including mine) when she released her newest single – Look What You Made Me Do. The problem was that it was, uhh… Not great…


I swear, it reminds me of all the bad things about a Ke$ha song… Talking with a beat behind it.

Then there is this prelude to the chorus where it seems like the song is gonna ramp up, I know I thought it was going to… Aaaaand then the chorus actually hits and she says the words “Look What You Made Me Do” 700 times legitimately EIGHT times in a row… EIGHT!! It reminds me at times of that “I’m Too Sexy for My…” song in its repetitiveness.

I think the scariest part of this song is at the end when she says something like, “Oh, the old Taylor isn’t here… She’s dead.

Taylor Swift Lyrics Why Oh Cuz She's Dead.jpg


I’m worried this song is such trash and she’s saying she’s dying?! Someone get her some help, she needs us now more than ever.



Taylor Gang or Die,