With Hurricane Harvey causing tons of damage to the Houston area, it’s awesome to see people doing amazing things in these times of need. Just people-helping-people, and it stretches from all walks of life… From the JJ Watt’s of the world who are helping raise money for the hurricane relief fund…

…to even Tex (from Barstool) going down there himself to help the best he can (if you have a minute his story is unreal)…

One thing that caught my eye from Tex is that there is a Barstool ambassador down at the University of Houston by the name of Connor Diaz. His home got wrecked and Tex setup a GoFundMe to help him out. Sounds like a great kid and no doubt he deserves some love.

I’ll tell ya what – it gives you hope that maybe our world isn’t as fucked up as we usually think it is.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Houston area!!

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**Please Note: The original purpose of this post was going to be about how shitty the Texas Rangers’ owner is for not trading some home/away series’ with the Astros in Houston’s time of need because they didn’t want to play four straight away series heading into the postseason… THAT was the original idea… Then I realized none of that matters. Recognize hero’s, not the shitheads (but also, fuck the Rangers)!!**