Almost in a “you can’t script this shit” move, the New York Jets have made another (hilariously) terrible personnel decision heading into the 2017 season… Their Week 1 starter will be: JOSH McCOWNWeek 1 starter will be: JOSH McCOWN!!

Now, there are two sides to this coin I suppose from an outsiders perspective, neither of which are great if you’re a Jets fan.

The first side of that coin is you will almost guaranteed get the #1 overall pick. Twice in Josh McCown’s career, he has lead his team to the #1 overall pick in the draft the following year (the ’14 Bucs and ’16 Browns)… So I suppose if you are a believer in tanking, this guy will get you there… So at least there’s that!

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The other side of that coin is protecting Hack & Petty from an offensive line that apparently is going to be trash… Why do I say that? Well, Steve Marshall, the Jets O-line coach, announced on Friday that the entire starting offensive line jobs are still being competed for… All five.

Now, if you want your rookie QB’s to get experience just getting obliterated by the opposition, then sure, go ahead and put Hack or Petty in… But I’m pretty sure that doesn’t tell you anything and PROBABLY starts to tell a bullshit story that they aren’t good… Their stats will look like shit, ANYONE’S stats will look like shit, if their offensive line is garbage.

I guess the big takeaway from this is that you know Josh McCown will have ALL his testosterone built up for his gameday each week…


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The guy is actually against ‘baiting and he’s open about it? Okay, I used to be on the fence, like – maybe McCown should start, maybe he shouldn’t… Now I think he’s a maniac. Get him off the field and into a padded cell.



Go Away… Baitin’,