So as many of you know, Water Cooler Sports recently acquired a new headquarters… It will be the “content factory” the world has been asking for. Putting some the sharpest minds from Water Cooler Sports in the same place can only produce greatness… But that’s not what I want to talk about right now. No, we’re gonna talk about one of those stories that happens in life and you’re like “No freaking way is this happening…

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So, as you also may have heard – the place we bought is a bit of a “fixer-upper” and that includes every aspect of, well, everything… The inside needs some work, the landscaping needs lots of work. Basically you name it – we probably need to work on it… Like a LOT. We need Ty Pennington.

Anyway, on Saturday, we found ourselves outside doing yard-work and burning some wood scraps that the back shed is absolutely FULL of (seriously, that’s a story for another time)… Really just being complete white trash, drinking beers (Natty Light’s to be specific) in the middle of the day and burning (what amounts to trash), when our neighbors walk over. Grrrrreat!!! This is going to make quite the first impression…

We introduce ourselves, shoot the bull, schmooze it up for a bit… Then, the neighbors notice Producer Tim’s t-shirt that says Le Moyne College (naturally, Tayls is a biiiiiig “wear your college athletic apparel” guy). Apparently their son went to Pace, another D-2 school, and they said something to the effect of, “Oh, no way! Our son used to play against Le Moyne.

…and here’s the ensuing exchange that is seriously unbelievable:

Us: “Oh yeah? What sport did he play?
Neighbor: “Baseball.
Us: “No kidding, what year did he graduate?
Neighbors: “2014.

(Big Fudge, Producer Tim & I all looked at each other and starting laughing, kinda talking among ourselves like, “Yo, we 100% probably heckled this kid.”)

Neighbor (kinda laughing): “Yeah, and Le Moyne had this Hill where all the kids sat and just heckled us the whole time!!
Us: “Wait, please don’t tell me he didn’t… What position did he play?
Neighbor: “LEFT FIELD!

We all start BURSTING out laughing.

Neighbors: “Yeah, and they knew his girlfriend’s name and everything…
Us: “No way! We 100% were behind that!! And was the Hill saying things that maybe he had tweeted the night before?
Neighbors: “YES!!

**Laughter from both sides ensured until we peed our pants and went our separate ways**

Honestly, this could have gone one of two ways… One, they could’ve been like, “You dicks ruined our trip to see our son play baseball… Go f*ck yourselves and this sucks that we have you guys as white trash neighbors drinking Natty Lights like a bunch of teenagers in the middle of the day” (ironically, just like we were the last time we met!).

Or, and I think this is their real take on it, they’re ecstatic we moved in and are cleaning the place up and making the yard that they look at everyday not a total eyesore.

After telling this story, I got a lot of “Jeez, that’s your past following you!” And while that’s true and all, it’s also pretty sick that after time, these parents (who Miller believes yelled at him for saying something about his last name) were able to laugh and be extremely friendly with the guys who probably dumped on their son not too long ago.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is here, but I hope anyone who was #blessed enough to experience the HillCrew at Dick Rockwell field, enjoyed the hell outta this one.



Here’s to Never Growing Up,


Oh, and side-note, we asked the neighbors about the guy who used to live at our house and they said he was this old man who grew vegetables in a nice little side garden and would bring them baskets full of fresh produce every once in a while. Sounds really nice, right? Like we can’t possibly follow in that guy’s footsteps right? WRONG! Apparently the vegetables were accompanied by racist literature!! Like apparently it was like this, “Hey, here is a basket full of fresh tomatoes… Oh, and here is a brochure on how the Jews and Blacks are ruining this country!!

So yeah… White trash or not; bullies of their son or not; at least we’re cleaning their neighboring yard and aren’t racist dickheads!!