Ever have one of those days where things just keep getting better and better?

Well, today as Ketch ended his new radio broadcast in the 5th inning (admittedly a bummer), I get a Facebook notification… I figured it was a new follower for Water Cooler Sports or something. But what was it really?? Something WAY better…

Scott Stapp Playing LIVE.jpg


(NOTEWORTHY: Hilarious that I get Scott Stapp notifications on my Facebook, I know)

This Friday night, September 1st, from 7pm to 10pm at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ (about a 10 minute drive from the new WCS Headquarters)… SCOTT STAPP IS PLAYING LIVE!!!

$30/ticket is basically the same as telling me it’s free. This could be the greatest spectacle the world has ever seen. I am fired ALL THE WAY up right now.

My mind is racing. How could this NOT be the greatest show of all time?



Make America Rock Again,