It was only a matter of time, but we finally did it… We have ourselves a broadcasting channel that so we can commentate your favorite games (or whatever games we pick and choose), so you don’t have to listen to idiots who make you want to punch a baby (like Chris Collinsworth)…

Chris Collinsworth commentater.jpg

Instead, you can listen to idiots like Ketch and Miller, or me and Big Fudge!!

So today, we are going to try this thing out… Check out Ketch broadcasting the Yankees-Indians game at 1:05pm EST, the first of a double-header.

It will be a surefire way to make your work day absolutely fly by, and no doubt in my mind Ketch is going to provide that sort of commentary everyone needs from a radio show.

Here’s the link:¬†Ketch Calls Yankees-Indians Game.¬†Hope to see you there!!



The Age of Live Broadcasting Has Begun,