So today I heard from two people that I really do respect (the one¬†guy I work with who isn’t a flaming lib AND Feits from Barstool) that the new Taylor Swift song is growing on them…

Guys, come on!!

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The song isn’t good. And that’s FINE. Even the greatest bands of our generation – Creed, Nickelback, the Baha Men – they ALL made some songs that weren’t great. It happens!

And Taylor drops FIRE songs regularly. I mean seriously almost every song she has ever done is a classic. Not every hit is gonna be a home run. This one isn’t. Just let it be, don’t convince yourself otherwise.

The pre-chorus, as I’ve said from the beginning is GREAT. GREAT. Vintage A1 Taylor… But that is it. IT. There is one good aspect to this song.

Huge Taylor fan, always have been and always will be, but NO SHOT I am succumbing to this trend of ¬†starting to like “Look What You Made Me Do” – sorry, no-can-dos-ville baby doll!!



Taylor Gang or Die,