Thoughts and prayers to everyone down south right now suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Some gut wrenching stories have already surfaced, and the entire country is 110% behind everyone displaced and everyone who’s answering the call to help.


There are so many dangers that can come out of flood conditions like the ones we’re seeing all over the news right now, but one danger I overlooked… FLOATING RAFTS OF DEADLY FIRE ANTS.

Are you fucking kidding me!? Who would have thought that fire ants are actually extraordinary marine engineers, and sailors? Fire ants are nasty motherfuckers, we all knew that. But I had no clue that they’re also masters of the high seas. You straight up can’t sink these motherfuckers. Try pushing them down with a stick… they bounce right up, climb up the stick, and bite the fuck out of you.

In extreme situations, they are capable of sending a person with an allergy into anaphylactic shock.”

Jesus. H. Christ.

Apparently they only way to drown these little shits is hitting them with some soap. So if you’re out and about, trying to help people out in the flood waters, be careful!



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