Last night, I walked in from the worst commute in America and turned the TV on to the Top of the 1st between the Yanks & Sox… The bases were loaded with two outs and Devers was up. I’m thinking to myself, “Damnit, this fucking guy has been murdering us, and can put us in the shitter already, and I haven’t even had a beer yet…

And then CC strikes him out.

Naturally I was beyond fired up, thinking this has got to get the team going, and I see CC yelling and cussing out the Red Sox dugout as he walked off the field.

(I didn’t know why at the time, I later learned it was because Nunez bunted on him and he thought that was bush league… which reminds me of the most classic chirp from our heckling days, when Miller would yell, “WE CALLED NO BUNTING!!” at players who would bunt for singles…)

Anyways, that – a fired up pitcher coming off the field – is my favorite thing to see. I saw it about a month ago from from Chapman, and I love seeing it now. When pitchers let off that steam while they walk off the field, it’s absolutely the best.

CC is the old school Yanks. He’s been here since 2009 and, yeah, there’s probably a lot more hate for the Sox than most other Yankees have. He’s lived more of the rivalry and in this “Baby Bombers vs Baby Sox” rivalry that’s brewing, it may be CC who teaches everyone that we don’t like each other.

Fuck the Sox, let’s get this sweep (reminder, an authentic jersey is on the line here…)!!



CC Fired Up is Better Than Porn,