September 1. That means the transfer window is closed and the rosters are set. Nothing too dramatic happened mostly, just movement of some bench players. The biggest “news” happened in France and well, I couldn’t possibly care less.

This weekend is the “International Break” – which means everyone plays for their national teams. We will be focusing on the World Cup Qualifiers since that is the BEST sporting competition of all time. Yes, ladies and gentlemen your Stars & Bars kick off tonight and, yes, I’ll be there! Get pumped!!

(Noteworthy: All games are shown as EST… You can figure out the math if you live elsewhere)


THE United States of America v. Costa Rica
Red Bull Arena, 6:55pm
Big game here. Costa Rica is easily one of the better teams we have to face in order to advance to Russia. Costa Rica also has a chip on their shoulder after we used home field advantage and made them play in a blizzard. This game is in Jersey, so we won’t lose. USA 76-0.


Mexico v. Panama
Azteca, 8:30pm
Good game to keep an eye on. Mexico seems to be clicking more and they play beautifully at Azteca, so this could easily be a blow out. 4-0 Mexico.

Czech Republic v. Germany
Prague Stadium, 8:45pm
Germany is just so efficient. If you want to see beauty, watch this. Expect good tactics and solid play. The Czech’s will be praying for a draw. 2-0 Germany.


Spain v. Italy
Santiago Bernabeu, 8:45pm
Power houses battle in Madrid and will not disappoint. Spain has the better players but they always have trouble meshing. The Italians do more with less. Expect lots of quick play and hand gestures. Spain 2-1.

Wales v. Austria
City Stadium, 9:45 pm
Wales is nothing without Bale. In a game like this, he will draw defenders quickly and the rest of his team need to show they are worth something. Wales 1-0.


France v. Luxembourg
Stade de Toulouse, 8:45pm
The French have been trying to flaunt that they once again are a team to be reckoned with. But I ain’t buying it. These guys could easily fall asleep at the wheel and drop an easy 3 points. 1-0 Luxembourg.

Greece v. Belgium
Some Place in Greece, 9:45pm
Any EPL fan has to watch Belgium play. This is the emerging nation of the footballing world. Greece is an interesting team, like their work force they are great when they show up… However they don’t always do that. Belgium 4-0.




Friday’s are for Futbol,